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      Welcome To
      The Ohio Parkinson Foundation Northeast Region

      17th Annual Parkinson Symposium

      Save The DATE
      April 2015
      10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
      Tallmadge Community Center
      80 Community Center, Tallmadge, Ohio 44278
      Check in begins at 9:00 AM


      There is no charge for this event.
      PRE-REGISTER BY CALLING 1-800-630-3193
      Give the name, phone number, and address for each person registering.
      *** Free lunch provided - donations welcome!***

      You are invited
      People living with Parkinson's, their family, friends and caregivers are welcome to join us at our quarterly board meetings where we share resources, information, and together plan our annual symposium and other community events.
      Board Meetings:
      March 19, 2014
      June 18, 2014
      September 17, 2014
      December 17, 2014  

      Please check the dates as they may change.

      For more information call 1-800-630-3193
      Tallmadge Community Center
      80 Community Road
      Tallmadge, Ohio  44278

      Tallmadge Chamber of Commerce

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